Answered By: Priya Shenoy
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Question: I clicked "log out" of Access Pharmacy last week in order to create a sign in (and complete our quizzes for class). It will not let me sign back

There are two types of ways to Log In to AccessPharmacy:
1.) Drake University - Top Right Hand Corner (you will never have to use this one)
2.) My AccessPharmacy - Top Right Hand Corner (for quizzes)

1) Go through a link on the library website. That link should look like this:, and it is found on the Article Databases page ( and the Pharmacy Research Guide ( If you are off campus, you will be asked to log in with your Drake account before getting into AccessPharmacy. Use your Drake ID and password here.
The above link provides access to the bulk of AccessPharmacy content: textbooks, core curriculum, multimedia, etc. You should never need to provide a login on the AccessPharmacy site to access this content.
2) Once you are in AccessPharmacy, you can create a free My AccessPharmacy account, which you will need to take quizzes (Q&A). This account login *can* be the same as your Drake account, but doesn’t have to be. You are responsible for remembering your My AccessPharmacy login, as it is not tied to your Drake account in any way. (AccessPharmacy provides a password recovery function on the login page). I don’t believe you need to Log Out in order to create (or login with) a My AccessPharmacy account. You can be using the site as a Drake user and a My AccessPharmacy user at the same time.
If you are on campus, when you click the “Log Out” link next to “Drake University” in the upper right corner, all you need to do to “log in” again is click any link in the AccessPharmacy menu. AccessPharmacy will recognize you as coming from the Drake campus and automatically log you back in (see this screencast: Do not use the “Sign in to AccessPharmacy” login fields.
If you are off campus and click “Log Out”, simply return to one of the Library web pages mentioned above and click the AccessPharmacy link to log back in as a Drake user. Alternatively, you could bookmark the first link (that begins http://cowles-proxy...) and use that.
I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any questions.