Answered By: Andrew Welch
Last Updated: Aug 23, 2021     Views: 1

Question: When I use other databases or search tools, I sometimes see a "Check for Full Text @ Drake" link. What does that do?


Check for Full Text @ Drake links appear on article listings when SuperSearch or a database can't determine whether the Drake has full-text access to that article.

When you click on a Check for Full Text @ Drake link, information from the article you are viewing is compared with a database that contains all of the journal titles to which the Library has full-text access.

  • If a match is found in one or more of our online journals or databases, you will be presented with links that will connect you directly to the full-text.
  • If a match is found and we only have the print journal available, you will be connected to the journal record in SuperSearch, which will display where in the library the journal can be found and what date coverage we have.
  • If a match isn't found, you will be offered a link to a document delivery service like Interlibrary Loan.